It turns out that Jim Broadbenthad been cast in the movie Hairspray. A little over a week ago, Martha reported that New Line must have changed their minds about Broadbent and instead cast Christopher Walken. But Broadbent did sign on, only to change his mind, choosing to go for Tim Burton'sSweeney Todd instead. Whether he made the decision because he saw what John Travolta looks like these days (Broadbent would have played his husband) or he got a better offer from Warner Bros., he is set to appear, presumably as Judge Turpin, in the Sondheim adaptation, which will arrive in theaters at the same time as Hairspray.

This makes me happy since I would much rather watch Broadbent -- who I love -- in his final choice. I would prefer not to miss him in anything, but I just couldn't see myself going to see Hairspray. I never liked the original and can't imagine it gets any better as a musical, especially without being able to at least appreciate John Waters' direction.
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