So I'm watching that South Park episode the other day where the boys go to war with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas over their plans to take the original Indiana Jones, add a bunch of CGI nonsense and re-release it. Of course, they were poking fun at Lucas' decision to redo Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and how most fans weren't exactly thrilled with the results.

Well, I then came across this post at FilmRot that talks about the upcoming DVD release of those same Star Wars films, minus the latest Lucas tinkering. Sure, they won't be remastered, but the fans are finally getting what they've wanted for such a long time: Star Wars, as it originally appeared in the theater. Fabulous! However, seeing as 2007 marks the 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode IV on the big screen, we're now hearing more about plans for an additional DVD set to arrive in stores at some point next year. Yes, more Star Wars!

According to FilmRot via DigitalBits, " Well, we've confirmed it: There IS a big, ultimate, 6-film Star Wars anniversary DVD box set planned for 2007. There will be more changes to the films, and there will be LOTS of new, never-before-seen special features -- all the good stuff that was held back by Lucasfilm from the original Trilogy DVD release a few years ago. Think deleted scenes and more." Sounds super, but seeing as this the ULTIMATE boxset, does that mean those original Star Wars versions will be included too? If so, why should we shell out our hard-earned cash next month, when they will appear in a glorious boxset later on in 2007? What will you do?