Following their brutal break-up with Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise and his producing partner Paula Wagner have reportedly cut a deal with a group of investors that includes Washington Redskins (that's an NFL football team for you non-sports fans) owner, Daniel M. Snyder.

As part of the deal, the group will finance the overhead costs (ie: staff, office expenses) of Cruise and Wagner's production company -- to the tune of less than $3 million a year -- as well as help shell out the bucks for future projects. (Yes, that's less than Paramount was offering Cruise/Wagner to re-sign with them. Desperate, are we?) Oh, and about those "mysterious hedge funds" that were "supposedly" providing Cruise/Wager with upwards of $100 million? Well, no names have been released and Cruise's lawyer claims there was never a hedge fund deal in the first place. Man, this thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder, huh?

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