Way back in April, I asked what you thought would be summer's most disappointing film. So now, as we approach the end of August and begin to settle into fall, I figured I would revisit the topic and see where we all stand now that summer is slowly sliding away.

Before summer began, I was of the opinion that Superman Returns would win the disappointing sweepstakes -- and, whaddya know -- that's exactly how I feel now. However, something tells me a lot of you will skip Supes and go with either Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest or The Da Vinci Code.

Since I'd like to balance a negative with a positive, I'm curious to see what surprised you this summer ... in a good way. For me, that prize would have to go to Little Miss Sunshine. Amidst all those dark clouds and rain showers, the film provided a cool breeze and the little ray of sunshine we so desperately needed.

So, I ask you: Which summer film disappointed you the most? And, also, which one surprised you with a smile?

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