Pretty in Pink

For an entire generation of pre-teens who -- like myself -- took their cues about the way high school life would be from the movies, there was probably no cinematic moment of the 1980s that resonated more than Blane (Andrew McCarthy) and Andie's (Molly Ringwald) final passionate kiss in 'Pretty in Pink.' From the time I was nine years old, that's how I thought my high-school prom would end -- with me kissing a female member of the Brat Pack up against a car while OMD's "If You Leave" swelled in the background. Of course, that's not how my prom turned out -- my date was actually hotter than Molly Ringwald -- but that scene sticks with me to this day. In many ways, that kiss has shaped my entire outlook on romantic life. It taught me that love is blind to social standing, material wealth and really bad Ronald McDonald hair.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the new 'Pretty in Pink: Everything's Duckie Edition,' out on DVD Aug. 29, contains a featurette called "The Lost Dance: The Original Ending." And in this ending, scripted by teen-movie legend John Hughes, Blane and Andie do not -- I repeat, do not -- share their life-changing liplock. Instead Andie ends up with loyal loveable loser Duckie (Jon Cryer)! And they dance not to "If You Leave" but to David Bowie's "Heroes"! That's just pure insanity! Don't get me wrong: I love the Duckman -- he's a much more interesting and comical character than Blane -- but I'm just not sure how I feel about that romantic curveball. I know how test audiences felt about it: They booed the hell out of it -- but I like to think I would have given Duckie a little more respect. Unfortunately, despite this DVD featurette about the original ending, actual footage of the finale is nowhere to be found on the disc -- so it's impossible for me to make an educated decision about which ending I prefer. That said, I have no doubts that if Duckie and Andie had danced off into the sunset together, I would be a completely different guy than I am today.

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