I've mentioned 30 or 40 times here that I'm a huge history nerd -- I've got several massive piles of hardback (I did say HUGE nerd) bios and histories scattered around my apartment, and (get this) I actually read them. In the middle of one of those piles is a book called Son of the Morning Star, which tells the story of 1876's Battle of Little Bighorn and the major players in the fight -- and it turns out that I'm not the only one who's got Little Bighorn on the brain. Variety reported this morning that Universal picked up the rights to a spec script about "three U.S. Army scouts who are the first to arrive at the horrifying aftermath of the battle ... and then take on the grueling assignment of tracking down the Sioux leader, Crazy Horse." Nice.

The script -- by Matthew Sand -- is based on a novel called American By Blood, by Andrew Huebner. The novel was actually optioned several years ago, and Steven Spielberg himself had plans to direct the film version. The script never came together, though, and when the rights lapsed, Huebner was so turned off by the whole process that he vowed never to sell them again. But then Sand came calling, and he was just sooooo fired up about the story that Huebner relented (Either that or he saw dollar signs again, and couldn't resist.), and let Sand himself buy the rights. Sand's script created a fair amount of big studio buzz, so hopefully Universal will make this one a priority.
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