I'm afraid this week's edition of the Film Blog Group Hug is be rather less organized than those my colleagues have offered you in the past few months. Instead of listing blogs which focus on a particular genre or aspect of film, I'll instead introduce you to a small group made up of my personal favorites (those not linked by others in this feature, anyway) and other sites that are offering particularly interesting content at the moment.
  • The Reeler: Stu at The Reeler -- a news blog with a New York focus -- fits into both categories: I read him regularly, but he's also really outdone himself over the past week or so (ironically enough, he's been absent during that time). During his vacation, Stu got a collection of his illustrious friends to pinch-hit for him, and the result is posts on topics from Roman Polanski's foot fetish to Dada; from filmmaking to Jews in the movies. Well worth a browse -- every post offers something of interest.
  • That Little Round-Headed Boy: Yes, Charlie Brown is a film blogger -- who knew? Though my personal favorite post by TLRHB is the one on Myrna Loy (because I adore her as much as he does), virtually everything on the site is insightful, opinionated and intelligent. Plus, who else would offer posts on Elvis and Michael J. Fox, back to back?
  • Blowing Smoke: Not a film blog per say, Blowing Smoke is actually a group blog for people involved in the TV movie of the same name. In reality, the posts comes primarily from two people not actually connected to the movie, but that doesn't mean they're not sharp and funny. The postings cover a wide range of pop culture topics, but the absurdity of Hollywood is never far away. A warning: If you're easily offended, don't bother visiting.
  • Film Experience: Nathaniel is, in the best possible way, totally out of his mind -- and, for that reason, his blog would be one of my favorites were he a movie fan or not. Lucky for us, however, he is, and regularly brings his wit to bear on such subjects as his own troubling "actressexuality", the glory that is Pedro Almodovar and, just recently, an exhaustive FOUR PART examination of Moulin Rouge. Yes, that Moulin Rouge. Oh, and his favoritestarsstop by from time to time, too. Too wonderful to miss.
  • Kaiju Shakedown: Grady Hendrix was writing about Asian film before I was born. That's actually a lie, but my point is that if anyone in the US is qualified to pen Variety's shockingly comprehensive, entertaining blog covering all things Asian and cinematic, it's Grady. For people with DVD collections heavy on region 0 discs with burned-in subs (Or is it only my Hong Kong discs that have those?), Kaiju Shakedown is indispensable: It's a perfect mix of informed commentary and silly gossip; even when I don't have time to read all my feeds, I always make sure I get to this one.