Let's talk Transformers. I love them. You love them. We were all very excited when we heard they were being brought to the big screen -- in live action no less -- with the aid of modern technological magic. Like our precious Ninja Turtles, the Transformers stand out as an icon of a generation, and big screen cinematic glory seems very appropriate. I mean, the suckers are giant robots having a giant robot battle, how can that not equal movie glory?

For many people, the film's director Michael Bay has personified the answer to that question. The man has taken heat from all sides of the geek community for his involvement in the project since his name was first attached to it. Yours truly, despite occasional attempts to see the good, has been scathing in regards to the man. I hate the decision to put him in charge, and I have since day one. It took me months to stop calling him "The Clonus Horror" -- but here he is, and here he will stay. I balked when he changed the alternate forms of some of the Transformers, I made fun of his casting call, and now he has hit me with early images of the Transformers themselves. Initial reaction nearly sent me into fits. Since then, a few readers have left some interesting comments and I've perused some of the more forgiving thoughts shared by other writers. Here are the thoughts I'm having now, shared with you in a mix of cohesion and stream of conscious. I'll try to wrap them into one final opinion at the end.
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