OK, I know I promised that the last one was the final Feast update, but when a gory horror movie that was the subject of a reality show plans a midnight-only limited release three weeks before its DVD date ... all bets are off, I guess. And it's a pretty good thing for us that Fangoria has taken such a virulent interest in Feast, becase that's where I've been getting all my info. (And lately there's been a whole bunch.)

First off, the all-new official Feast website has a list of theaters in which the flick will be playing on September 22nd. We're assured that more theaters will be announced soon, which is good because as far as I know, there is not presently (nor has there ever been) a movie theater in Philadelphia called "Creative Garden." (C'mon, we're the fifth largest city in the country; give us an AMC screening!) If your city isn't on the midnight screening list, fear not. You'll be able to get a copy of the DVD on October 17th. And those who are still unsure if Feast is their kind of flick will undoubtedly want to take a peek at this brand-new trailer, which is hosted at (you guessed it) Fangoria.com.

And I hate to sound like a grump, but I'd like to address a statement made by Feast director John Gulager. He's quoted as saying that "I feel that fans must support R-rated horror films. If people don't turn out, well, every picture will be rated PG-13." John, I couldn't agree more, but before an audience can support an R-rated horror film, the flick's own distributor has to do it first. And a fistful of midnight screenings scheduled for three weeks prior to a DVD release isn't helping matters a whole heck of a lot. Plus, go ask Lionsgate if R-rated horror is becoming extinct. I predict they'd chuckle.

The trailer's pretty darn cool though!
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