Last time we checked in on Richard Kelly'sSouthland Tales, Sony Pictures had acquired all American theatrical and home video distribution rights, while Kelly was heading back into the editing room to try and trim the film's 3-hour running time, amongst other things.

At that time, Kelly was apparently re-editing the film "on his own terms" after critics at Cannes bashed the poor thing to pieces. Well, now Kelly is speaking out -- and he's pissed. According to Female First via Hotdog Magazine, the Donnie Darko (which, while we're on the subject, I absolutely hated) director is upset that distributors want to cut one hour of footage from Southland Tales before releasing it. Says Kelly, "Maybe it will [be released], but potentially it could be shown with almost an hour of it missing. I don't quite know what that film is. It was intended to be this epic LA story. I just don't know if I have the energy anymore." Will it hit theaters? Will it go straight to DVD? Will Kelly realize that audiences may not be down for an epic 3-hour LA story? The saga continues ...

[via Dark Horizons]

UPDATE: Apparently, the above quote from Kelly was old and taken out of context. According to the director himself via a recent announcement on his MySpace page, "As many of you know, the film has been bought by Sony and I have been finishing A SHORTER cut of Southland Tales under their supervision. It has been a great experience and I feel like the film is now in better shape than ever. The film will absolutely be released in theaters, and Sony is still deciding on an appropriate release date and strategy."

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