In a vaguely innovative promotional push for Martin Scorsese'sThe Departed, Warner Bros. will be providing all the advertising -- amounting to only four minutes, total -- for the premiere of CBS's new crime show, Smith. (Which, by the way, is produced by WBTV. Image that.) Rather than running the show with a normal advertising load -- which would stretch it into a 90-minute special -- or accepting sponsorship to run it ad-free, CBS instead took some cash from WB (amounting, on assumes, to what they would have taken for a full advertising load, plus a premium for the prestige), and will run four minutes of promotional footage for The Departed during breaks from the show. What sort of footage WB is providing is unclear, but it's currently thought there will be two two-minute add segments, "offering an extended look at the pic."

That sounds cool and all, but if you needed more reason to watch Smith, where have you been? Goodfella Ray Liotta? Jonny Lee Miller? Simon Baker?! What's not to love?
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