Ok, you know how 95% of the humor in Legally Blonde (which, by the way, I quite enjoyed -- this is not a criticism) stems from the fact that Elle is in an unfamiliar environment? And how it's reliably hilarious to see anyone as a fish out of water, because we get to laugh at them without feeling too bad about it? Well, that film's writers -- Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith -- clearly know a good thing when they see it, because they're writing a similar (albeit it law school-free) screenplay for Anna Faris, Happy Madison Productions and Paramount Pictures.

According to Variety, the untitled film -- based on an idea from Faris, apparently -- will focus on "a newly unemployed centerfold with no other skills to parlay into a new career ... [who] takes the only job she can find -- house mother at UCLA's lamest sorority." Great, a movie about a centerfold teaching "ugly" girls to take off their glasses, wear push-up bras and get popular! Just what we need.
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