Normally I hate to get political (because politics is less interesting than movies), but after doing a few painful hours of serious research, I've come to the conclusion that right-wing lunatic Ann Coulter is probably the most horrific non-murderer I've ever come across. She sells a lot of books, true -- because ham-fisted choir-preaching, arcane ravings and sloppily-written bile make for fun reading, I guess.

Seems that the self-adoring Ms. Coulter is branching out into fields that don't include self-promotion, intolerance and hate-mongering; nowadays she fancies herself a film editor too: Nick Doob and Chris Hegedus, directors of Al Franken: God Spoke have been forced to remove a sequence in which Mr. Franken (verbally) beats Coulter down and wins an argument without breaking much of a sweat. Despite the fact that the conversation took place at an open debate and is most definitely an item of public record, Coulter has to approve the footage for it to stay in the film -- and, as a huge proponent of ignorance, spite and censorship, she refuses to do so.

CHUD's Deven Faraci has the full details. Anyone who still doesn't know who Coulter is need watch only this video. Oh, and this one. (This one too.) OK, and this last one. I mean, really. Aren't her 15 minutes up yet?

Special Note: Please understand that I have no problem whatsoever with Conservatives, Republicans or right-wing beliefs. I'm simply of the opinion that Ann Coulter is a seriously horrible person and that she does considerably more harm than good for the people she claims to represent.

[Thanks to John at JoBlo's for the heads-up.]
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