Being the trailer geek that I am, I normally like to wait until an official trailer is released before diving into its sweetness. When these highly-anticipated trailers leak online, more often than not they're of very poor quality and serve little purpose, except to frustrate the hell out of you.

On that note, the first trailer for Eragon has found its way online and, though you can't hear any dialogue, the picture is quite clear. It appears as if someone had the trailer on a DVD, then filmed it off their television screen and added music. I'm not sure whether this is the actual score from Eragon, but I really couldn't care less -- the freaking thing looks awesome. Based on the popular novel, Eragon (part one of the Inheritance Trilogy) revolves around a young boy who discovers a dragon's egg, thus leading him on a predestined journey to protect his home from an evil king.

From looking at the visuals alone, the film definitely has that Lord of the Rings feel to it -- which, honestly, shouldn't be a bad thing. Hopefully it sticks around for awhile. If so, let us know what you think. Pic sails into theaters on December 15.