Bryan Singer was king of the world when he departed the X-Men franchise for the Man of Steel. Singer was set to breath life back into an exhausted franchise, and expectations were rightfully high. Superman Returns was a good movie. Generally, critics and audiences agreed on this fact. It was good ... but it wasn't great. And box office receipts reflected such. It brought in okay money, but not nearly as much money as was hoped, especially given the large budget of the film. Before you could say "truth, justice, and all that stuff," Warner Brothers was beginning to backpedal away from their lofty sequel ambitions. An ultimatum quickly came down: make 200 million or no sequel. Even then, Warner has indicated a much smaller budget for the next Superman film.

Financing partner Legendary, however, is insisting none of this worries them in the slightest. Legendary insists the company is turning a profit on Returns, and is still fully interested in financing a a sequel. This is certainly good news for Singer, who (as mentioned above) will be working on a shorter leash from Warners. We probably haven't seen the end of Singer's run with the Man of Steel.
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