Currently filming in Vancouver, Thing We Lost in the Fire (AKA Halle Berry's desperate attempt to recapture her long-lost Oscar magic) has finally rounded out its cast with the addition of Alison Lohman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lohman will play the girlfriend of Benicio Del Toro's character, a messed up dude who shacks with his dead best friend's wife. I know -- it sounds incredibly sordid, right? Oddly, all the summaries in the trades make it sound like this is a totally normal -- even productive -- move by the ex and the best friend.

Let me back up. For those of you who have missed our thrilling previousreports on the movie (For shame!), it focuses on a woman (Berry) whose husband (David Duchovny) dies unexpectedly, and how she handles the horrible aftermath of his death. Del Toro plays the husband's best friend, whose presence in Berry's household both helps him straighten out and also "helps the grief-stricken family confront their loss." Oh, and Lohman? She's co-dependent, so her departure is likely to be part of Benicio pulling himself together.

The movie is being directed by Dane Susanne Bier, and Dreamworks hopes to have it in theaters sometime next year.
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