OK, Harry Potter fans, get ready to vent. According to a Warner Bros. spokesperson, there will be no quidditch sequence, I repeat, no quidditch sequence in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As the spokesperson told England's The Sun, "It would be wonderful to include every single page of the book. But as with [all] Harry Potter films, elements have had to be omitted."

The spokesperson is also reported to have declared the reason for the omission to be time constraints. Really? It isn't because of redundancy? Sure, I can appreciate watching Daniel Radcliffe ride around on his broomstick -- the special effects in the quidditch scenes always look great -- but it is one element that hasn't really offered anything new to the series since the first film. Anyway, I may not remember the fifth book too well, but doesn't it take place outside of Hogwarts? I don't even recall a quidditch part in the book (I know, you fans will remind me), so it couldn't have been too integral (and I know, you will correct me here, too) to the plot, right? As for any whiners out there, let's see you try to make a good movie out of such a gigantic book. Is it not enough that the producers have been hard at work casting every actor in the U.K. in every little role, so as to please you? What is worse? Omitting quidditch, or not casting a famliar name as your favorite new character introduced in Order of the Phoenix?