Between the one with the lenticular cover and the "Network TV" version, I've simply lost count of how many different Halloween DVDs Anchor Bay has released in my lifetime. (I'll guess eight, and that's not including the feature-length Halloween documentary that recently got its very own DVD release instead of being packaged as Disc 2 in a normal Special Edition.) Me, I own one copy of John Carpenter's unquestionable classic (this version, I think), and I've never really felt the urge to invest in any of the subsequent releases.

But I may have to change that tune pretty soon.

Don May Jr., the horror-lovin' DVD producer who runs Synapse Films, recently let Fangoria know about a virtual Holy Grail of Horrordom: "What we've got is pretty much all the unused original camera negative from John Carpenter's original Halloween," is what May had to say, and to imply that the guy is very excited about the treasure trove would be an understatement on par with "Dr. Loomis is mildly obsessed with Michael Myers."
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