Ben Foster in X-Men: The Last Stand

Yesterday, I ushered in a new era of movie-awards awesomeness by presenting Part I of the Moviefone Summer Movie Awards (aka the Tommys), honoring both excellence and mediocrity in this season's cinematic offerings. Today, I bring you Part II.

Most Useless Character: Angel, 'X-Men: The Last Stand'
No offense to Ben Foster -- because he didn't actually write the screenplay or edit the film -- but his eagle-winged mutant had no business being in a single frame of the latest 'X-Men' installment. All the character did was flex his supersweet pecs and take screen time away from characters we actually cared about.

Most Inspired Cameo: Lance Armstrong, 'You, Me and Dupree'
His performance in the Kate Hudson orgy fantasy sequence was effortlessly breezy. Should he make room on his mantle for an Oscar next to those Tour de France cups? Well, maybe that's overstepping it -- but he's doing more with one testicle than most of us could do with three.

Runner-up:Marlon Brando for his from-beyond-the-grave appearance in 'Superman Returns'

Most Shamelessly Awesome Use of Gratuitous Nudity: 'Beerfest'
It's a movie about guys who want to be the world champions of beer-drinking, so sue them if they feel the need to have a scene in which a girl falls and inadvertently starts a game of "dominoes" whereby one good-looking gal after another loses her top. It's just like the old saying goes, "Nothing compliments beer like a bare chest." Pretty sure that was Confucious.

Come back Friday for the SUMMER MOVIE AWARDS PART III!

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