Way back in January, singer/actor Tyrese Gibson claimed he had landed the title role in Marvel's upcoming Luke Cage flick. His story now is slightly modified; he is now only "extremely interested" and has yet to officially commit to the film. Gibson recently said the script has gone back for another re-write, and although director John Singleton has Gibson at "the top of his list" and Gibson has met with Marvel bigwigs Moritz and Arad, there is nothing promised yet. "It is not my movie, for the record," according to Gibson himself.

I continue to be thrilled with the concept of a Luke Cage movie. I'd especially love to see a Power Man and Iron Fist film. Heroes for Hire was a great book,* and I personally think it'd transition well to the silver screen, but I have a feeling that isn't the direction Marvel hopes to take with a Cage film. And as far as I'm concerned, any Luke Cage movie has great promise.

*And it has a weird reincarnation for a short Civil War run.
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