While all of us here in Movie News Land speculate as to whether or not there will be another Superman flick, Kate Bosworth is quietly telling Neil Sean over at Sky News that there's a lot more Lois Lane heading our way. So far we know director Bryan Singer definitely wants a sequel, with financing partners Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures slowly starting to favor another installment as well. Superman himself (Brandon Routh) has nothing better to do with his time and has repeatedly stated that if they wanted to do another one, he's game.

Well, now Kate Bosworth is promoting her return to the role of Lois Lane. Not only that, but she's talking spin-off too. Says Bosworth, "Lois will be back bigger and better in the next movie, and with more of her own storyline." The article goes on to reveal there are plans to give Lois her own "investigative spin off." Okay, not for nothing, but what good is a Lois Lane flick without Superman? Wow, let's watch as she rigorously tracks down a story, gets into trouble and has no one to bail her out. I simply cannot wait! Do any of you actually want a Lois Lane spin-off movie? If so, why?

[via Moviehole]

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