Ready for your latest dose of Transformers images? Yes, we've got yet more to show you from the Michael Bay movie -- but don't worry, you don't have to look if you don't want to. Here are the two big items for today:

A close up look at an actual Transformer -- Bumblebee to be precise. The tipster who sent this in to AICN says he can't be 100% certain of authenticity, but he has no reason to believe otherwise. He credits the image to the forums. Like the style or not, it is a good shot and gives a decent look at a non-CGI Transformer face.

Additionally, you can catch some fan-shot footage of Jazz and Ratchet in their vehicle forms over here. Honestly, this is just a one minute clip of a sportscar and a Hummer making a few turns at under 25 miles an hour. But they are vehicles which will presumably turn into giant robots at some point, so it's sorta cool if you think of it like that. As much as I typically make fun of how Hummers look on the road (sorry to all the Hummer owners out there), I suppose it makes sense for a Transformer. The thing practically looks like a giant robot already.
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