This sounds like something we might expect from Michael Moore, but even he probably wouldn't dare. The UK's Channel 4 has produced a fake documentary (is it a mockumentary if it's a drama?) called Death of a President about the proposed fictional assassination of George Bush, to be aired on their More4 channel in October. The film, which will use "shockingly real" special effects to show the U.S. leader being shot by a Syrian sniper in 2007, is sure to be too controversial to garner American distribution, but it will be premiering next month at the Toronto International Film Festival (where it is being called DOAP).

Another upcoming film on More4 is The Trial of Tony Blair, which is more of a satirical look at the imagined resignation of the British Prime Minister. Both programs are intended to spark discussion and debate, but the Bush one will probably be regarded, at least here, as being potentially dangerous. And likely too popular.