Wayyy back in 2003, Ridley Scott was real keen on directing a sequel to his Oscar-winning flick Gladiator. However, unable to come up with a way to make the film without Russell Crowe (ya know, since his character Maximus died at the end of the first one), Scott quickly abandoned the idea. Then, in 2005, there was word from both Crowe and Djimon Hounsou that a Gladiator 2 script was, indeed, in the works.

One year and a Gladiator musical later, nothing more had been said on the subject ... until now. According to reports (which feel strangely familiar, so feel free to hang us out to dry if this is old news), Ridley Scott will not only be making a sequel to Gladiator, but he also plans to somehow factor Crowe into the whole thing. Says Scott, "I will probably do a sequel to Gladiator. The only problem is Russell Crowe was such a powerful presence and, of course, Maximus dies at the end. We'll have to get Russell back somehow." I don't know about you, but I'd love to see how they plan on resurrecting Maximus without giving it some cheesy soap opera-ish spin. As of now there are no other details, but you bet your ass I'll be on the look out for some. All hail Maximus!

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