Trust me on this, I'm just as sick and tired as you are of hearing the name John Mark Karr. This scrawny little dude stole precious hours of my life as I sat glued to the television screen (I swear MSNBC adds something to their JonBenet Ramsey coverage that makes it impossible for a human being to change the channel) in anticipation of his next move.

So, now, as Karr's 15 minutes of fame slowly fade away, it's time to start talking movie deal. According to The Smoking Gun, Karr had told Professor Michael Tracey during a recent telephone conversation that, if a movie based on his life were to happen, he would want Johnny Depp to play the lead role. He also went on to compare himself to Willy Wonka (whom Depp recently portrayed), claiming the character is "very similar to my personality except for the fact that Willy Wonka did not know how to treat children, he had no knowledge of how to be around children." Congrats, that's the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard. Way to go!

While I think a film about a guy who falsely confesses to a huge crime in order to satisfy some bizarre fantasy would be quite interesting to see up on the big screen, I'm strongly against giving this moron any more time in the spotlight. Besides, there's no way Depp would do this. Or would he?

[via Hollywood Wiretap]

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