When my Cinematical editors asked me if I'd assume responsibility for our weekly gossip column, I was a little worried. I admit that I am not as familiar with the world of celebrity goings-on as I ought to be: I don't have cable so I can't watch red-carpet galas, blind items confuse me, I mix up all the little blonde actresses, and the merest glimpse of Paris Hilton gives me a rash. But I'm willing to learn, so bear with me while I dive into the world of celebrity gossip and relate the week's prime pearls of news.
  • I'll start with celebrities I enjoy watching in movies and can recognize easily: George Clooney and Ellen Barkin. They're filming Ocean's Thirteen right now -- I'm so pleased Barkin's in the film, as I haven't seen her since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas -- and are being linked as a romantic item. Barkin's a bit older than Clooney, so it's a pleasant change from the usual news about celebrity men dating much younger women. (Sympathy to my sister, who still believes some day Clooney will turn up in Covington, LA and claim her as his soulmate.)
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