I know there is a lot to worry about with the upcoming Ghost Riderflick. And yes, I know the news of it getting bumped back from summer until February is a terrible omen. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal in the heart of this geek, hope which has been largely fueled by the passion of those involved with the project. Nicolas Cage was a comic book collector, and director Mark Steven Johnson grew up a Marvel fan as well. Turning a Marvel film over to folks who really understand Marvel is a great move, and has left me clinging to shreds of hope. It probably won't be popular, but I can still hope it will be good.

Us fans can check up on Johnson's thoughts on the project at his official blog. He's taken in a handful of questions from interested fans and provided some good answers. And you can tell he's a fan from reading his replies ... at one point he launches into a detailed explanation of the origins of the Ghost Rider franchise. Johnson promises payoff for True Believers, as well as the inevitable sequel and video game action should the film meet any success.
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