Aslan is on the move. Despite great reviews for the work done by the The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobeeffects team, the big lion and his franchise are moving to a new set of companies. Dropping the likes of ILM and Sony Imageworks, the Narnia sequel Prince Caspian will instead be working with Moving Picture Company and Framestore. If either of these names sound familiar to you, it is probably because of their work on two other very notable franchises -- Harry Potterand X-Men.

So what makes this shift particularly interesting? As IGN Filmforce points out, there may be something telling about the physical location of these companies. Both of Caspian's new friends are British-based, and there have been rumblings of Narnia leaving New Zealand for the green pastures of Ireland. The location has yet to be officially announced ... perhaps this is a hint?
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