Getting the jump on other American distributors, Strand Releasing snatched up US rights to Cannes award-winner Poison Friends prior to its stateside debut at next month's New York Film Festival. The second feature from Emmanuel Bourdieu, the movie follows "a circle of college intellectuals who are duped by a seductive and charming pathological liar," exploring "the pretentiousness of the Paris-centric literary scene without pretension." And, if you're still not sure if this one is up your alley or not, this gem from Variety's review of the film should solve any indecisiveness: Bourdieu's film is "so unrepentantly French that viewers who enjoy truly Gallic pics can start (tastefully) salivating now." Ha! And yes, please.

If you can't get to NYFF to see the film, Strand is tentatively planning to have it in theaters next spring.
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