I have almost nothing new to say about my thoughts on the Transformers flick currently being crafted by Michael Bay, but dang it, news just keeps showing up about the sucker. For months, I tried to resist all discussion of casting, storyline and other matters, insisting "none of it has meaning until I see the giant transforming robots." And after months of waiting, the robots seem to be showing up all at once. For a quick review, you can read about the look of Megatron here and the look of Bumblebee here. And now, we have a new look at the true face of the Transformers, Optimus Prime. Swing on by AICN for a peek at some sort of promo image which was apparently nabbed at a "magical clothing trade show." Presumably this means folks were showing off clothes to be used in magic acts, although it would be far cooler if they were in fact trading elements of magical clothing at some big, supernatural swap meet.

So ... the picture of Prime at least looks a bit better than some of the other images we've seen so far, right? Go ahead and let fly with your "you know what they say about guys with big guns" jokes, you know you want to. It isn't funny, and 50 million people have probably already told it, but we both know that isn't going to stop some of you.
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