I'm not sure how to start this post, so I'm just going to jump right in. Somebody -- or rather, several somebodies who refer to themselves by the rather dubious moniker Team Tiger Awesome -- has turned the mid-eighties hit Top Gun into a traditional-looking silent film. The approximately five minute fan flick comes complete with wonderfully selected organ music, flicker lines and title cards to provide dialogue. If you've ever seen the Tom Cruise flick I highly suggest you watch this little gem, it packs a good amount of funny into a clever delivery. Not only is it stylistically entertaining, the title cards provide such gems as:
  • Take a peak at that Sheeba across the speak-easy, she has misplaced feelings of love.
  • That Jester didn't have a flapper's chance against us Protestants.
  • Quiet down, Rubes. There is a homoerotic volleyball game to play.
  • I must retire for the evening. My blonde quiff and I are going to engage in sexual congress.
  • Maverick, only you can stop the Kaiser.
Not to mention you'll see a pre-crazy Tom Cruise in some wild aviator sunglasses, a fashion which seems to be currently making an inexplicable comeback.
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