In case anyone is headed to India this weekend, New Delhi's South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce Auditorium (whew) will be hosting a Truffaut festival from Sept. 3-7, hosted by the French Embassy, the Alliance Francaise of Madras, and the Madras Film Society.

They will be showing the full Antoine Doinel cycle, Two English Girls, The Last Metro (for which he reunited with former love, muse and current head-juror over at the Venice Film Fest this year, Catherine Deneuve after 8 years of little-to-no contact), and The Woman Next Door (starring his wife, final muse and mother of his child, Fanny Ardant -- the movie itself, meanwhile, concerns Truffaut's resurgence of feelings after reuniting with Deneuve in Metro). Both Metro and Women feature Gerard Depardieu, by the way, and both have earned the distinction of a place on my DVD rack.

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