Fall is upon us, and with it comes big, important film festivals like Toronto, Venice, Rome, Telluride and Deauville. But those might be a little too glamorous and/or high profile for the everyday American. As an alternative, there is the Found Footage Festival, which literally screens found footage, from home movies to training videos to who knows what, and which has a few new tour dates listed for the season.

The Festival is perfect for the now-web-savy film fan, as it shares some things in common with YouTube and other amateur video sites. Why go out to one of the live FFF shows, though, when web videos can be enjoyed for free in the privacy of your own home? Especially when some of the festival's popular features, including a video picked up at a Salvation Army featuring a young, sleazy Arnold Schwarzenegger partying and groping women in Rio, are also available on the internet? Well, the shows are hosted by a few funny guys who offer comments and observations, for one. Plus, there are plenty of shorts that you won't find on YouTube. Anyway, you should check it out just to make sure your mom didn't donate your family's home videos to Goodwill, only to have them featured, and ridiculed, in the 90-minute program.

Currently the FFF is scheduled to hit the following cities in the next few months: New York, Richmond (Kentucky), Kansas City, Minneapolis, Superior (Wisconsin), Albany (New York), Anchorage and Scranton (Pennsylvania).

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