You really gotta feel bad for the movie studios. Once a movie like Mr. & Mrs. Smith grosses $478 million at the worldwide box office, nets huge contracts for foreign and domestic cable and network rights, and sells about $40 million more at the DVD shelves ... that's it! No more money! How awful, right? Well, this explains why, when you head out to your local DVD shoppe, you'll find re-issues, re-packages and "unrated" editions galore. It's all about putting the same old movie in an enticing new package -- and it looks like Fox has a new approach to the madness.

Hitting the shelves on November 7th is a new collection of Fox "themed" box sets, and -- trust me on this -- it's easier to show you the boxes' contents than to explain the new maketing gimmickry.
  1. The Romantic Tales Collection: Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! and Ever After
  2. The Love is War Collection: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Down With Love and The War of the Roses
  3. The Lies & Deception Collection: True Lies, Entrapment, Black Widow and ... Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yes, again)
  4. The Legal Legends Collection: Runaway Jury, Class Action, The Verdict and Compulsion
  5. The Funtastic Adventures Collection: Ice Age, Once Upon a Forest, Robots and FernGully: The Last Rainforest
  6. The Christmas Classics Collection: Home Alone, A Christmas Carol ('84), Miracle on 34th Street ('94) & Jingle All the Way
Yes, that's right: In an effort to repackage some old bargain-bin movies, Fox has resorted to calling the undeniably execrable Jingle All the Way a "Christmas Classic." And that's just a downright lie. Snark aside, though, I'd recommend numbers one, two and four to those who don't already own those flicks. (Yeah, that's right: Down with Love rocks.)

And I gotta ask: Six new collections and they couldn't give me a horror set?