It's been a small-but-persistent little news story in Philadelphia over the past several years: The last remaining old-school, ultra-cool, Art Deco movie palace in the city was in serious danger of being destroyed, thus removing any reminder of Golden Age cinematic history from The City of Brotherly Love. How could this happen? How could one of the oldest, largest and most unquestionably awesome cities in the nation be stripped of its last remaining movie palace?

Well, it came pretty darn close to Wrecking Ball Central, but thanks in large part to the efforts of one local attorney, the beautiful Boyd Theater is now enjoying a long-overdue facelift ... and the doors will swing open again in early 2007. While I silently sat by and read the news reports, my heart went from sad to skeptical to hopeful to thrilled when the good news came down. Howard Haas and his passionate band of supporters were able to save the theater! And here's how they did it: