Not to be confused with the Nicole Kidman creep-fest The Others from 2001, the non-plural The Other(1972) finally makes its bow on DVD tomorrow. Directed by Robert Mulligan -- who also helmed the bonafied American classic To Kill A Mockingbird -- The Other is a primo example of the creepy little kid horror sub-genre, and I'm not ashamed to say it scared the bejesus out of me at an early age.

Based on a novel by Thomas Tryon -- an actor with numerous TV and film credits -- the film tells the story of nine-year-old twin brothers Niles and Holland Perry, played by twins Chris and Martin Udvarnoky in their one and only film appearance. The setting is Connecticut farm country in 1935. With their father dead and their mother mentally incapacitated, Niles and Holland are being raised by their extended family which includes their Russian Aunt Ada. Bad things begin to happen including a pitchfork death that, while not graphic, will make you squirm, and Niles starts to suspect that his brother may be responsible.

The DVD from 20th Century Fox is a bare bones affair with no extras to speak of, but that shouldn't prevent viewers from exploring a film that is subtler yet far more disturbing than most of today's horror films. Also starring Diana Muldaur -- veteran of two generations of Star Treks -- as the twins' mother, and a very young John Ritter.
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