After sorting through a half-dozen writers (including one who never even watched the original TV show), a big-screen version of The A-Team is slowly taking shape. Series creator Stephen J. Cannell spoke with Empire and provided us A-Team fanatics with a brief update on the film, which probably will not arrive in theaters until at least 2008.

While Bruce Feristein was brought on to pen a draft back in 2004, he has since been replaced by an unnamed writer in the hopes that someone will finally get the damn thing right. Regarding plot, Cannell noted the film will be updated for the new millennium and may focus on recent conflicts in the Middle East. He says, ""I want to create it as taking place today. So the Gulf War could be a great angle. In the original, the A-Team were on the run after robbing a bank under orders just as the war ended. In this, maybe the four would raid Saddam Hussein's bank or whatever."

As far as cast goes, Cannell admitted he would like the original TV cast to play a role in the pic, whether that be behind the scenes or in some sort of brief cameo appearance. Also, he feels Bruce Willis would play a wonderful Hannibal ... and I totally agree. However, how in the world do you replace Mr. T as BA Baracus? Are there any actors out there worthy of taking on the role?

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