Finally, James Cameron's upcoming film Avatar is starting to grow from its humble Project 880 rumored beginnings.* Avatar is summed up by the rather interesting description of "a love story set against an interplanetary war," and it is possible no humans will be featured in the film. The big news of today is on the casting front, and it comes from Down Under. Australian actor Sam Worthington, who is slowly building his resume, says he is in the running to play Cameron's leading man. We don't know who else is being considered, but Worthington indicates the choice is between himself "and a Hollywood name." I suppose we'll find out before too long, as Cameron is on the move and hopes to begin filming as early as November.

At this point, I really have no vested interest in the casting of this film, but I am exceptionally curious to see what Cameron will do with a battle-filled sci-fi-romance story. Aside from a rather intriguing plot, it'll be fun to see the worlds he constructs. Cameron is a talented visual director, and unleashing him upon outer space set locations could be a real treat.

*Okay, so Avatar was a rumor first, quite some time ago. Then Project 880, which turned out to just be Avatar again.
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