Regular readers know I'm an avid fan of the Fantastic Four -- as a comic book, that is, not as a movie. Although I did enjoy parts of the first film, like most geeks I was more than slightly disappointed with the final outcome. However, director Tim Story has made many adjustments in the downtime between movies, largely due to the disappointed outcry of the geek community, and is making an attempt to come back strong with his second installment, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I've been covering all news with optimism, largely because it seems as though most of the steps taken by Story and company have been good ones. I keep insisting hope springs eternal, and I've repeatedly said I'm willing -- and eager -- to give the franchise a second chance.

And now, the time is upon us: Shooting has begun on the new film, and Story has updated his blog with some early thoughts from the set. From this point on, things get serious, and we move from talking a good game to actually playing one. So, stay tuned to CinematicaI and I promise I'll be all over the Fantastic Four news looking for signs of hope or despair.
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