For a minute or two, I debated whether or not to label this story as 'Breaking News," until I realized that we're only talking about a baby picture here, folks. However, millions upon millions of people from around the world have been anxiously waiting for months and counting down the seconds until Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes release images of their daughter, Suri.

Well, thanks in part to something called the internet, Cinematical has uncovered the first images of this darling little girl, and, um, check out that hair! That's right, baby Suri does exist and, if you promise not to tell anyone, I must say she looks rather cute. The pictures are part of a Vanity Fair piece which hits newsstands tomorrow and features several photos of mom, pop and their precious tot. CBS managed to snag the pics first, airing them tonight during Katie Couric's debut on the CBS Evening News. After watching said news program and managing to catch a closer look at the Vanity Fair cover, it kind of appeared as if Suri was wearing a wig. Folks, I kid you not. Regardless, she's here ... and she's fabulous.

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