I've written morethanonce about sustaining optimism for the upcoming Fantastic Foursequel. I know many of you True Believers find this a difficult proposition, and I don't blame you. While I didn't dislike the first film as strongly as many of you did, I will fully admit it came nowhere close to fulfilling my (perhaps far too lofty) expectations. As a long-time reader of The World's Greatest Comic Magazine, I wanted so much more than director Tim Story gave me. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up hope for the Four. I saw promise in the first film, and I enjoyed watching it despite the shortcomings.

I want part two to be better. Maybe this strong desire has lead me to over-optimism. In fact, I'm sure it has. However, I'm willing to buy into it for a time, and let myself believe the denizens of the Baxter building will be as fantastic as their name intones. Are there reasons to worry? Sure there are -- you can think of any number of them yourself. Yet, there ARE a few good reasons to be hopeful. In that spirit, The Geek Beat brings to you five good reasons to look forward to the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: