As a child, I adored the Muppet Babies. Part of this is because I adore the Muppets in general, and part of it is because it was a reasonably well written kids show with lots of Star Warsand Indiana Jones references. After the romping success of the toddler Muppets, everyone started jumping on the "make familiar properties into small children" bandwagon (you can check out a short summary of such programming over here). The lesson learned is a simple one: There is money to be made in the lucrative children market even if your property is not originally a child property per se.

Care to guess which major franchise is now hoping to move into the kiddie market? Oh wait, I already gave the answer to you in the title of my post. Drat. Well, yes, if you guessed Marvel Comics, congratulations ... you can, uh .. read. Good for you. As far as I understand it, Marvel Babies is still in "idea" form, which means they haven't officially sold the property to anyone. They were, however, shopping it around at the 2006 Licensing Show. If you've got further info on where this property is going, or if it has indeed been purchased, please share with the class.

Bits and pieces of thoughts associated with this post:

  • The best comment I've heard about this story comes from Widge over at NeedCoffee, who wonders "will baby Gwen Stacy fall out of a crib and ... "
  • If you look at the webpage detailing the Marvel Babies from the Licensing Show, you'll also notice another property which is apparently already running on Nick Toons. It's based on the childhood of -- I swear I'm not kidding -- Shawn, Marlon, and Keenan Wayans. The name of the show is -- wait for it -- ThugaBoo. Oh yes, I'm serious.
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