Our very own Scott Weinberg told you about Reservoir Dogs the video game back in the early part of this month. At the time, discussing a few television spots for the game, Scott aptly noted it was neither "work-safe nor kid friendly." Despite Scott's warning, this somehow escaped the notice of the game producers in the UK. The game has met with strong controversy; not because of the gratuitous violence level, but because the makers of the game forgot to appropriately warn consumers about said violence level. Yes, Eidos managed to forget a rating on the packaging, which has already been pulled from the shelves until a reprinting can be issued.

The obvious question here is how on earth did this get by unnoticed? People have been complaining about the absurd levels of violence in this game since before it was released -- heck, there have been groups petitioning to keep it from ever being released. And yet somebody managed to bypass the most significant device video game manufacturers use to combat the anti-violent games arguments: The rating system. Brilliant move there.