Before I start this post, I'm going to note the following: AICN had a tremendous interview with Shia LaBeouf on the set of Michael Bay's Transformers. They pack a lot of great stuff in there and it's well worth the read. (The interview itself lasted forty plus minutes and covered a lot of ground.) For the purposes of this article, I'm just going to be dealing with one or two specific questions discussed by LaBeouf, as they pertain directly to an issue I've been touching on frequently. The issue? What else other than Bay's "updating" of the classic Transformers. He's been making some major changes, and geeks everywhere have been arguing about them. When I read LaBeouf weighing in, I thought it was quite interesting. His basic statements are summed up as follows:

  • Regarding the music from the original Transformers: The Movie: "You know, I asked him (Bay) if was going to use that synthesized '80s s*** and he's like, 'What're you crazy? Never.' "
  • Regarding changes to Soundwave: There's a lot of stuff... you know, there's new robots that he'll create. Or he'll take something like Soundwave and turn it into Soundbyte and it'll become something else. That's understandable, but in no way is he tainting this at all. If anything he's turning it up and modernizing it.
  • And the biggie -- regarding changes made to Megatron: "You can't have a toy gun. You've got 9-year-olds watching this movie and, yes, we're creating mythology, but you can't make a toy gun your antihero and then have Hasbro go out and sell toy guns with the little yellow cap on it, you know? It'll look f*ing ridiculous to have Megatron with a yellow nose, you know what I mean? It'd look retarded."
There you have it , a take on the character changes being made by someone directly involved with the film. LeBeouf is like that throughout the whole interview -- open, honest, and frank. And for the record, I'd buy Megatron with a yellow nose.
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