Now that you can buy a DVD of the original version of Star Wars (on 9/12), you may be happy with your ability to watch the film in its pure, untainted glory. Han shoots first! No horrible CGI just for the sake of horrible CGI! Less-than-crisp transfer! Well, if you're a real fan, you probably have two versions of the movie and are dying to do a screen-shot comparison, like has never been possible. Sure, when the special edition came out in 1997, you could find detailed descriptions of the changes, but until the original 1977 version was put on disc, there weren't many places to see side-by-side freeze-frames.

Thanks to, you don't have to bother with the comparison, yourself. They've already done a very extensive slide show that points out minute details that you might not have even noticed, like the capitalization of the word 'rebel' in the opening prologue. And I for one never realized they replaced the wolfman in the cantina with a stupid tusky alien (I'm sure others did, though). In total, there are 122 pages to the slide show, though not all are comparisons. Some have doubled-up shots of additional footage in the special edition version (listed as 2004 version, for that is when it was released on DVD). And, in those 122 pages, I still don't see anything that was necessary to be altered or added. How about you?

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