It's been a good year for the Man of Steel: Superman Returns marked the character's return to multiplexes across the land, Smallville returns for its sixth season on September 28, the death of TV Superman George Reeves is investigated in the upcoming Hollywoodland, and the Richard Donner version of Superman II is slated for DVD release. What more could fans of The Last Son of Krypton ask for? Well ...

On November 28, Warner Brothers will release Superman: The Theatrical Serials Collection. These serials marked the first live action appearance of the character in the then popular cliffhanger serial format. For those not familiar with them, movie serials were a cinematic product of the pre-television age. Serials were action driven stories presented one chapter at a time prior to whatever main feature was playing. Chapters often ended with a cliffhanger, hopefully enticing movie-goers to return the following week.

The set contains the 15-chapter serial Superman(1948) and its 15-chapter followup Atom Man Vs. Superman (1950). Kirk Alyn -- who also played another comic book character turned serial hero in Blackhawk(1952) -- stars as Superman, with Noel Neill playing Lois Lane. (Did you know Neill has appeared in every live-action incarnation of Superman since?) Rounding out the cast are Tommy Bond as Jimmy Olsen and Pierre Watkin as Perry White. Superman pits our hero against The Spider Lady (Carol Forman), while Atom Man Vs. Superman presents the arch villainy of Lex Luthor (Lyle Talbot). Extras will include the featurette Saturdays With Superman and exerpts from the documentary Look Up In The Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman.

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