Recent Theatricals

Dead Man's Shoes (Magnolia) -- A fantastic revenge thriller from British director Shane Meadows. (audio commentary, featurette, deleted scene, alternate ending)

District B13 (Magnolia) -- One of the craziest action flicks in years, and a whole lot of fun. (mini-doco, extended fight scene, blooper reel)

Kinky Boots (Miramax) -- Yet another drag queen shoe store musical comedy from the UK. (audio commentary, two deleted scenes, two featurettes)

United 93 (Universal) -- A fine film (with an inevitably harrowing finalé), but not one that screams out for repeat viewings. (director's commentary, featurette, memorial pages)

Unknown White Male (Wellspring) -- The validity of this documentary has been questioned, but either way it's a fascinating look at the horrors of amnesia. (six featurettes)

Catalog Titles

Blade Runner (Warner Bros.) -- Be aware: This is the same DVD as the current BR release, only with a new anamorphic transfer. The mega-swanky Special Editions arrive next year!

Brazil (Criterion) -- A one-disc (and now-anamorphic) version of Criterion's superlative three-disc set. (director's commentary)

Frankenstein Unbound (Fox) -- From director Roger Corman, starring John Hurt, Bridget Fonda, Raul Julia and Jason Patric. Yep, it's a weird one. (no extras)

Gojira (Sony) -- Includes the U.S. version and (for the first time) the original uncut Japanese version of the classic monster movie. (audio commentaries, documentaries, featurettes, etc.)

Seven Samurai (Criterion) -- 'Nuff said. (two audio commentaries, three documentaries, featurettes, etc.)


Broken Trail (Sony) -- Technically this Robert Duvall oater was made for cable, but I think it's one of the best Westerns in years. (featurette)

Dorm Daze 2 (Lionsgate) -- If there's anything better than a National Lampoon "comedy," it's the sequel. (extras tbd)

The Plague (Sony) -- Earth's children fall into a coma, only to awaken years later with unpleasant things on their collective mind. (audio commentary, eight deleted scenes)

Population 436 (Sony) -- How does a town maintain the exact same population for 100 years? (alternate ending)