I've been writing for Cinematical for nearly a year now, give or take. And I think I can say, without some degree of certainty, that this may be simultaneously the coolest and weirdest bit of news I've shared with you yet. According to Screamscape, Chinese news sources have been running with reports of a major new theme park which hopes to grace China's lands. Since we all know you can't have a theme park without a theme (and, boy, does this park ever have a theme), supposedly they're thinking about going with actor Bruce Lee. Yes, an entire theme park dedicated to one of China's most recognizable sons.* And what, I hear you ask, would be featured in such a park? Well, from what's being reported, we have two features outlined:

  • The Bruce Lee roller-coaster, complete with "Bruce Lee's signature screams and grunts."
  • This is the kicker, right here: Bruce Lee robots patrolling the park, radio controlled from within a giant Bruce Lee tower somewhere in the middle of said park.

That's right friends, Bruce-bots at the Bruce Lee theme park. Yes, it sounds both amazing and mildly terrifying, but Screamscape warns not to get your hopes up, as they expect nothing to come of these crazy Chinese rumors.

*Yes, he was born in San Francisco, but he was a major force in bringing Chinese nationalism into western movies.

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