I live in Austin, Texas, where the autumn film festival season starts around the third week of September and doesn't let up until nearly November. Therefore, when the weather finally starts to cool off a bit, I tend to look forward to watching obscure and little-known films at Fantastic Fest, aGLIFF, and Austin Film Festival (plus maybe Cinematexas if I can squeeze it in). However, I can think of a few new releases due in theaters this fall that I can't wait to see:
  • Tideland -- Ever since the Terry Gilliam movie debuted at Toronto last year -- no, even before that, when Jeff Bridges posted still photos he took on the set of the film to his personal site -- I have been dying to see Tideland. I don't care how many of you saw it already and thought it was stinky. I liked The Brothers Grimm, so obviously I'm not going to necessarily be in sync with the popular taste on Gilliam films. Also, I love Bridges when he's in cool stuff and not scary Hollywood product.
  • Infamous (or whatever they're calling it this week) -- "The other Truman Capote movie" was shot in Austin a couple of years ago and I've been intrigued ever since. It's directed by Douglas McGrath, who adapted and directed one of my favorite Jane Austen adaptations, Emma, and also co-wrote the screenplay for one of the funnier Woody Allen film's of the past 10 years, Bullets Over Broadway.
  • Fast Food Nation -- I saw an early trailer and a clip from this film when Richard Linklater spoke to a UT class I was auditing in the spring. I also visited a postproduction garage sale on the Austin Studios lot last year for a film called "Coyote" and found out it was the code name for Fast Food Nation. I'm very curious to see how Linklater transformed a nonfiction book (that kept me from bringing raw ground meat into my house for a year) into a narrative film.

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