About a month ago I helped pimp a goofy little British horror/comedy called Evil Aliens. I told you it'd be opening in New York on September 8th, and also that I'd definitely recommend the flick to splatter-fans. Now comes word from Magic Lamp Releasing that the Aliens will be invading a whole lot more than the Big Apple.

Already scheduled for an Image DVD release next January, Jake West'sEvil Aliens can be enjoyed on the big screen in the following venues on the dates courteously listed here by Fangoria, and we're told that more dates will be announced soon. (ahem, Philadelphia??) Stay tuned for Erik's review of Evil Aliens later this week.

In tangentially-related news, Mr. West recently finished up on his Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to Ashes, which will premiere October 28th on Sci-Fi Network before hitting the video stacks a bit later.
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